Thursday, July 9, 2009

Starting up...

Being a software guy for more than 5 years, "soaking" in the software world for more than 9 years (including the time when i was still an Information System Engineering student in MMU), i am now starting to think that i should be blogging something back to what i am familiar with - the computing world.

Being a computing guy, my wife commented me that i am not so up-to-date to the latest available technology and IT trends (or in hash word, i am an outdated IT guy... sob sob...). That is why i am encouraged to start up this brand new blog, to blog about the latest technology (hopefully), IT trends, software, or something related which i might come across from time to time, and of coz, to force myself to be up-to-date with the IT trends.. :) coz i need to do a lot of readings and research before i can actually write something, or anything here without giving the wrong information or worst, mislead my beloved "fans".. (do i have any?? hahaha, you are the one who should be telling me)

so my friends (or any visitors of my blog, friends-to-be), i am working on this... kick-starting.. so please stay tune for the up coming post... i might be discussing something which might interest you.. :)

why do i call this blog "MyBlueFeelSay"?? if you know me well, you will know that i had another personal blog all written in chinese named "MyBlueFeel"... so just to make it straight forward, "MyBlueFeelSay" it kind of self-explained everything.. is about what i say about IT.. :)

and lastly, of coz, credit to my beloved wife for helping in setting up this lovely blog template.. :) it is nice, isn't it? :)

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